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I was thinking how I was going to cut out the two 10" disc for the magnet rotors.
I thought I would make a compass with my jigsaw but it didn't work as the blade just kept going out from the centre
until the blade snapped.   In the end I just cut along the line with the jigsaw and it was only about
2mm out of being round, although it did take me 1/2 hour to cut out one!

I  found a nice way to grind the high spots off the 10" disc.
 I put my angle grinder on an old battery and fixed the disc to a piece of wood with a screw
and then turned the disc to grind the high spots off  making it nice and round.

I found it hard to cut the discs centre out but I burnt my way through with a hole saw.
I have drilled the four 12mm holes in them for the stanles steel rods. 

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