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I made a mold for the magnet rotors out of 20mm mdf.
I use my router and went around the outside of the 10" steel disc with a profile
cutting bit
which gave me a 10.5" hole.
I then used a 5" hole saw and cut out a bit of wood for
 the middle part and I gave it all some paint so it would come out of the mold.

 I  glued the magnets onto the 10'' steel disc with  glue just to hold them in place
ready to put it  into the mold.  I had difficulty trying to stop them sticking
together when placing them on the metal disc and squashed my fingers a couple of times.


I put the magnet rotor in the mold and centered it up, then poured the resin into the mold.
The only slimy thing I could find as a releasing agent was baby nappy cream.               
It worked and the rotor disc came out of the mold easily but it was messy!
When the resin was setting it
gave the magnets a nice orange glow.

I  put a piece of sand paper on a piece of board and set it up in
the turbine to sand any high points of the magnet rotor.
   I finally welded the tail hinge onto the main body at 45 degrees.

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