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Here is my coil forming jig. It's not that sophisticated as
 it's made from bits of old
laminate flooring
but it did the job. I did not make a fancy handle,
I just used a spanner to turn the coil, which worked fine.

Here is one of the coils I made,  just eight more to do!
  The coil is made from 1.6mm
16swg.  I did buy 2mm 14swg  wire but when I did a test coil and found
I didn't get many volts at low speed out of the coil. 1v with  about 70 turns round the jig.
So I had a rethink and used 1.6mm wire instead.
When I had made each coil I put some wire round them just to keep their shape.

Here are all the nine coils done. What a boring job that was,
 round and round 70 times each coil!
All I have to now is connect
them in three phase star.

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