This is the lounge

This is how the lounge looked when we first moved in.
it had a brick fireplace

We did not get on with lighting the fire so I took it out and put in a oil boiler
in the utility room. We found a wood burner in a reclamation yard

You can see the two doors into the lounge. 
The one on left was blocked up
which went in to the hall so we opened up this door and closed up the door to the kitchen
which freed up space.

I filled in the doorway which led in to the kitchen to free up some kitchen space
but we left the light switch in place in case we want to open it up again.

You can see the door has now gone. 
You can just see the light switch.  At the same time I put in a plug for the speaker.

This is the room as it is now.  It's not to everyones taste but it stops little hands from playing with the DVD etc.