This is the bathroom

 This is the bathroom as it was when we moved in.   The sink is in the doorway and there is not much room to move.

We put some white tiles up but the sink is still in the doorway and there is just enough room to move.  You can just about see where we did the wiring in the hall for the light switch.
This is just to the left of the door showing the big tall toilet which also takes up a lot of room.  After a few years we decided that the room needed to be completely renovated.
When I took the tiles off the walls the plaster came off with the tiles so I had to re plaster the walls. You can see the new pink plaster and the mess on the back wall.
i had to put a new plastic soil pipe in as the old one was in the wrong place and mad off cement  you can all so see  the state  off the walls
you can see here were i had to re plaster the walls.
  you ca see the new soil pipe which runs round the bath wich has been  moved
I have put in a new toilet and sink and have moved the bath around. I had to put all new plumbing, waste and water in for them but it has made 3 times more space.
We found some nice new tiles which we liked and went with the cast iron bath.   I was lucky and did not have to cut them down to go under the window.
You can just see that there is more room now when you walk in the room as there is no sink in the way.