This is the kitchen

Here is the  kitchen almost as we found it.  There was a sheet of hardboard painted white and pined to the back door but this was taken down on the day we moved in.
The kitchen had polystyrene tiles on the ceiling so they had to go   but we could not get all  the glue off.

the kitchen was tiled top to bottom You can just see the door into the lounge behind fridge.
 because the door did not have any tiles on it We hid the door behind the fridge
We had a big problem with the tiles in the kitchen .there was a lot missing and broken by the time we had done the wiring
This kitchen had 3 different types of units.  You can just see the alarm on the wall  which I put in when we did the re wiring.
Because we could not get all the glue off the ceiling we had to put up a new plaster board ceiling to cover up the old one.
This is the finished kitchen with new units and appliances.  the alarm on the wall was let into the wall so it did not stick out into the kitchen. 
Here is the finished kitchen we had to put wood  t&g boards around  the worktop to hide where we had no tiles.
here is the finished fridge and behind it is the  doorway in to the lounge . which we had to hide because there was no   tiles on it.