here is the electric gates

here are the gates i put in when we had are first  child  so she would not run out on the road  i had this idea i would put motors on them this was not as easy as i thought
i started with a 12v window motor
 with a rightangle drive but you can not drive the motor backwards so i could open the gates with out power  you need to put a clutch  in line 

 i put this box on the gates to put some timers in but after trying lots off ways i gave up then riped out all the timers and things and bought a key fob trainsmiter

this was the trainsmiter
i got for the gates  it was cheep  and i found it too be no good for me it did not have the range do not bye cheep

i got this new trainsmiter it was much better as it has a rang off 50m  so will work as i come down the road and it all so has 4 relays which can be mad to be moment or on or of  which is handy as i could keep the clutch on when the gates are open so they would not swing in to the car when you drive through them

i mad this board  from scratch it has two bridge rectifers on it for the two gates and two power relays

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