the new mill
I have had the lead screw milled down for the Z axis. there is also some pulleys and bearing blocks for the z axsi

click here for  a small test video
of the y axis
here is the z axis all done the plate witch holds the motor on is on the thin side but will do for now I will make a new one when the mill is up and running
there is a big change to my mill I have got some 1080mm IKO rails from ebay so I will do away with the 12mm rod they also came with some  40mm square aluminum section witch is a bonus I will have to re do the side pate to the Z axis I have taken of the 12mm  rod and replaced with 40/40 aluminum section the ply did bend so at the same time I have  put a sheet off 5mm steel on top of the ply and run 3 pieces of ply down the middle witch means I can not use the led screw so I will ad some 12mm drive shafts at the ends and  belt drive the X axis this I  will also speed up the X axis
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