This is bed room 1

Here is the bedroom.  As you can see we had to pull up the floor boards so we could get the wires in for the electrics, the alarm, telephone and TV.
I built this built in wardrobe using trimmed down internal doors.  I also used the same doors for the under stair cupboards and what was left of the doors for the top boxes.

This is the bedroom as it is now.  We  also added a daido rail and a light switch near the bed.
Over in the corner is the airing cupboard which houses the hot water cylinder and the TV distribution unit (loftbox).

You can see from this the TV loft box has a lot of coax cables going to it.  I have moved it so you can see there are over 150 meters of TV cable and 50 meters of fm radio.  Also CCTV goes to this box so you can get in any room.